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Bram Lambersy

senior lawyer

Bram Lambersy began his career as a lawyer at the Bar of Dendermonde on 1 October 2011. In 2013, he joined the Bar of Antwerp and currently works at GSJ advocaten as a lawyer and an accredited mediator in the context of family cases. Within GSJ, over the years he has increasingly specialised in the law of persons, family law and family estate law and has shown tremendous dedication to his clients, with a keen understanding not only of the legal aspects of family law but also the human aspects.

In addition, in 2005 Bram was awarded a postgraduate degree by the University of Antwerp in Mediation & Negotiation in Family Cases, and since then he has also been an accredited mediator in cases involving family issues.

Furthermore, in cooperation with his team he regularly writes comments on interesting court decisions in the journals Actua Leges and Rechtspraak Antwerpen Brussel Gent and serves as a member of the editorial staff.

Finally, Mr Lambersy was recently invited to be a guest lecturer at the AP Hogeschool in the Campus Spoor Noord in Antwerp.



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