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Every participant in economic life - whether it be a natural person or a legal entity, an entrepreneur in the broad or narrow sense of the term, a member of the liberal professions, a government agency, an association, a member of an association or a partnership, etc. - knows how difficult it is to make clear agreements on paper, while taking all the various complex regulations into account. As a result, you can suddenly find yourself embroiled in an internal or external dispute. Who can you turn to?

At that point, as this dispute has become a legal issue it may be advisable to call on the services of a team of experts. GSJ's Company Law team is here to help you. They have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of cases and can provide you with the necessary legal support to deal with a wide range of situations. The focus is of course on avoiding problems but (where necessary) the Company Law team can use their wide experience to help you navigate the proceedings and resolve the dispute.

For example, GSJ's Company Law team have in-depth know-how in the drafting of various company and association documents (deeds of incorporation, articles of association, shareholders' agreements, partnership agreements, minutes of meetings, etc.), in short all the documents you need to launch and maintain an organisation or partnership of your choice. Also, when it comes to mergers, acquisitions and structuring or restructuring operations, the Company Law team can offer tailored assistance at the right time.

In addition, the Company Law team includes specialists in the area of commercial contracts, both B2B (taking into account, where appropriate, key aspects of transport, distribution and competition law) and B2C (taking into account the rules of market practice law).

It takes skill and experience to provide assistance and expert advice in cases involving issues connected with competition and State aid. In these cases too, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you find a solution to any problem.

Good ideas need protection. In order to help you with any legal aspects in this area, GSJ's Company Law team specialise in intellectual property and media (trademark law, copyright, design law, patent law, etc.). And of course, in today's society a company worth its salt needs plenty of support and guidance when it comes to interpreting ICT and technology legislation.

Life is full of surprises, but even if things get more difficult and your co-contractors let you down, you can count on our team. We know what we're doing, so we can help you find your way through the maze and get you out of difficult situations when you are faced with issues of a financial nature or in connection with banking law, credit law or insolvency law in the broad meaning of the term and, more generally, when it comes to recovery, enforcement or seizure.

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