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Traffic accidents

We are witnessing a steady rise in the number of traffic accidents, and criminal-law issues are therefore becoming more and more problematic. The situation is becoming increasingly unacceptable and very complex from a legal standpoint. As a result, in recent decades traffic law has come to occupy its own particular place in the scheme of things. All the more reason to seek expert assistance when things go wrong. Specialised assistance is a must, both for the person who caused the accident and for the victim. In addition to offering technical expertise, we pride ourselves on our customised approach, and years of experience have shown that our clients particularly appreciate the personal touch.

  • We find this empathetic approach particularly helpful when it comes to assisting victims, and the victims can rely on our unfailing assistance for many years.
  • This approach can involve the following questions:
  • Will you be summoned to the police court?
  • What about the alcolock?
  • Are you actually entitled to the assistance of a lawyer in your interrogation, i.e. Salduz assistance?
  • Is there a difference between intoxication and drunkenness?
  • Can the insurance company exercise "recourse"?
  • Should you agree to the proposed amicable medical expertise, or would you prefer to have a legal expert appointed?
  • Are you wondering whether the insurance company's proposal for reimbursement (settlement) is sufficient? Or should there also be a "reservation"?
  • In what way might the "indicative table" be useful?
  • Why is there no interest? Why no reimbursement according to the "capitalisation method"? Why only a flat-rate reimbursement?
  • Might a solution be found in the "concertina clause"?
  • etc.

GSJ can help you answer all these questions.

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