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Damage to property and personal injury are unpleasant topics, but ultimately the problems they cause are part and parcel of life. We all face trials and tribulations sooner or later. Of course, when bad things happen the issue of liability may be involved. Inevitably, the party who is found to be responsible for causing damage or injury must provide some form of compensation.

The legal implications of claims are the speciality of our liability and insurance law team. GSJ's lawyers are called upon to handle numerous cases that often involve issues connected with professional responsibility and liability in the event of accidents.

Our team has acquired valuable expertise in the assessment of personal injury, which is a complex area that requires a very specific kind of know-how. In particular, any estimates must carefully take into account what the life of an accident victim might have been like if the accident had not happened. The difference between that calculation and the existing situation is the benchmark when it comes to assessing the damage.

Many risks are insured. In the case of an insured claim, the insurer will pay compensation under certain conditions.

There are many different kinds of insurance policies: non-life insurance, liability insurance, legal assistance insurance, life insurance, etc. Each of these different types of insurance has specific characteristics and legal arrangements. Insurance law is becoming more and more complex, and insurance policies are increasingly being drawn into the legal sphere. In this sometimes bewildering field, GSJ’s teams can offer assistance both to insurance companies and to their customers (i.e. companies and private individuals), not only in the context of disputes, but also in the area of risk and policy analysis.

Intermediaries (or brokers) have a key role to play in the insurance world. They don’t just sell you an insurance policy. In the event of a claim, they can be the indispensable linchpin between the insurance company and the insured party. And the increasingly complex regulations also have an impact on their professional practices. This is where GSJ can offer much-needed support.

GSJ’s teams of lawyers are also actively involved in various insurance associations, such as the Kempische Verzekeringskring, the Verzekeringsjuristen and the Antwerpse Kring van het Verzekeringswezen.

On 26 September 2014, the Antwerp Liability Law and Insurance Chair (ALLIC) was established in the University of Antwerp. This Chair is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Thierry Vansweevelt and Prof. Dr. Britt Weyts. GSJ have agreed to sponsor the Chair and are in fact on the steering committee.

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