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Harbour and industry

Antwerp has a world-class harbour and is an important transport hub to and from the European continent. The harbour and its location have also generated tremendous industrial activity.

The harbour area is a public domain and enjoys a special status that poses important legal challenges to companies and government agencies alike. As an Antwerp-based law firm, GSJ have for several decades been monitoring and working on the expansion of Antwerp harbour. Companies that operate within the harbour area can also rely on our many years of experience in the award, extension and transfer of concessions.

Industrial activities are the engine of our prosperity, but their impact on people and the environment is the challenge of our era. Once again, this results in very complex regulations. Here are just a few examples: rules for Seveso companies, the single environmental permit, wellbeing in the workplace, product safety and product liability and REACH & CLP. Through intensive teamwork, GSJ can offer companies a comprehensive range of tailored legal services. As they say, "a problem shared is a problem halved".

A harbour also involves a lot of freight transport. Freight transport throws up complex issues that involve various stakeholders, such as freight handlers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, shipping agents, shipping companies, road hauliers and intermodal hauliers. From time immemorial, the Antwerp harbour community and the legal profession have played an important role in establishing rules that offer sufficient legal security. Over the years, GSJ have regularly advised these stakeholders and assisted them in disputes in and out of court.

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