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Stephanie Wernaers


Stephanie Wernaers obtained her law degree at the University of Antwerp in 2000. In the same year, she also obtained a diploma in Specific Teacher Training (formerly known as aggregatie training) at the University of Antwerp.

Stephanie has been a lawyer at the Bar of Antwerp since 1 September 2000. She began her internship at GSJ advocaten in Antwerp on the same date.

She became a senior associate in 2009 and has been a partner since 1 January 2018.

Stephanie specialises in real estate law. Within this field, she focuses primarily on private-law construction disputes, rental and commercial lease disputes and apartment co-ownership. She is also very well-versed in tenancy rights.

In all these areas of practice, she has received specific training in the drafting of agreements. In addition, she can help private clients and professionals settle disputes in court (for example, contractors, property managers and brokers).

Stephanie has acquired considerable knowledge and a wealth of experience in legal proceedings relating to private-law contracting disputes. She has the necessary know-how to assist clients at every stage in the process, from the start of the dispute until final settlement by the court. Furthermore, she has become a specialist in the area of construction expert reports, in which capacity she regularly assists private clients and contractors in the context of expert investigations carried out by court order.

Stephanie is a highly trained professional who offers expert advice on apartment co-ownership. She assists private clients and professional property managers and regularly gives seminars on these issues for private clients and professionals. She writes guidance letters on aspects of these various fields of legal expertise and is a regular contributor to the Indicator.

Lastly, since 2010 Stephanie has been teaching construction law to final-year students in the context of the course in Applied Engineering/Architecture at the University of Antwerp (formerly known as the Artesis Hogeschool).