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To each his own, as they say. Every company has a specific target market. Reaching that market efficiently is a matter of life and death for companies. This means that companies have to choose the best distribution system and identify the best partners.

From the outset, producers are faced with some very important questions: "Will we opt for an exclusive, a non-exclusive or a selective system?", "Will we work with distributors or with agents or under some kind of franchise?", "How should we incorporate the Internet in our distribution strategy?". Each type of distribution has its own particular legal peculiarities. In addition, when opting for a specific distribution system, the producer must take the competition rules into account. For one thing, cartels are banned, and agreements, whether vertical (between non-competitors) or horizontal (between competitors), may be subject to certain constraints.

Devising a distribution system is not just about conjuring up a network of service points. For one thing, the wholesale distribution sector is hemmed in by regulations of diverse types governing the issuance of permits for retail outlets, and it isn't always easy to obtain the necessary planning permits.

In addition, a distribution system generally involves some degree of direct or indirect contact with consumers, and this all-important contact is governed by the rules on market practices and consumer law.

If all this seems rather complicated, have no fear. The answer could be just a phone call away. You will get all the advice you need simply by contacting the GSJ Retail Sector team. And in addition to advice and support, you can rely on GSJ for help with important negotiations or procedures.

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