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Jo Van Lommel


Jo Van Lommel graduated from the University of Antwerp in 2004. During his period of advanced studies, he took a special interest in administrative law and civil liability law.

In 2005, he earned his Master's degree in Environmental Law at the University of Gent. His Master’s thesis was on environmental injunction actions and the role of judges in balancing interests. On 1 September 2005, he began his internship in Gent with the law firm Frans Baert and partners, where he was involved mainly in urban development issues. In July 2006, Jo completed his internship at GSJ, where he has been a partner since 2019.

At GSJ Jo has acquired more in-depth knowledge and more academic qualifications in urban development and spatial planning as well as in environmental law in the interests of private clients, companies and public authorities. In cooperation with public authorities, in fact, he has handled a wide range of cases ranging from the follow-up of environmental applications, construction appeals, assistance in the context of consultations with administrations in connection with deforestation or nature permits - in short, the entire spectrum of environmental law.

As if that were not enough, Jo has become an eminent specialist in the niche area of enforcement in the context of urban development and environmental issues. In the field of enforcement, he has devoted his time mainly to giving seminars for civil servants, architects, lawyers, etc.

Jo has also acquired a wealth of practical experience through his work as an expert in the GECORO (Municipal Spatial Planning Commission) of Vorselaar. Since 1 August 2018, he has served as an expert with the Supreme Court for Enforcement.

In this capacity, he has acquired a reputation for resolving issues through a no-nonsense approach.