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Family mediation

Mediation is an alternative approach to disputes that involves extrajudicial dispute resolution. This form of conflict resolution in fact arose from a social need, and since 2005 mediation has also been regulated by law.

GSJ's team of legal mediators can help you find an acceptable solution in the event of a disagreement. To this end, they follow specific principles that are tailored to each mediation process. Our mediators apply a multi-party approach, which means that all the often conflicting views of the different stakeholders are heard and everyone feels recognised. The ultimate aim is to eliminate power imbalances. Furthermore, in the course of this sometimes delicate balancing exercise our mediators have to be essentially neutral and must refrain from forcing the issue in any way. Based on this fundamental principle, they apply a tried and tested methodology that allows them to successfully navigate the negotiations.

The various mediation discussions are confidential, and the mediators divulge mediation information to third parties only with the approval of the participants, unless they are required to do so by law. As the parties to the mediation have to cooperate voluntarily, the experience of our mediators shows that mediated agreements are generally more readily complied with. When the participants reach a mutual understanding, our mediators draw up an agreement and the stakeholders themselves choose whether or not to file this agreement with the court.

Mediation is much more than a methodology. It is a vision that guides our mediators in their work as lawyers and allows them to assist their clients more effectively in the context of legal proceedings.

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