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Real estate contracts: renting and leasing commercial property

Robust and legally secure contracts can be helpful when it comes to avoiding disputes. This truism is particularly applicable in the case of real estate transactions, given that such transactions often involve major financial interests and potentially long periods of cooperation. Over the years, GSJ have acquired considerable expertise in the drafting of various kinds of real estate contracts.

GSJ can offer valuable advice not only during the contract preparation phase but also in the important post-contract phase and when things unfortunately go wrong between parties. A solution can sometimes be found through tough negotiation. Furthermore, when it comes to real estate contracts, in particular purchase and leasing, GSJ are very familiar with the procedures. And of course disputes about latent defects in the context of purchase and rental disputes are all too common (rental arrears, eviction, etc.).

The use of real estate (without actually owning the property) is crucial for economic transactions. Because in principle a rental contract entails a long-term relationship, good agreements are essential both for the landlord and for the tenant. For this reason, GSJ have decided to focus on tailored contracts. GSJ’s teams help their clients conclude many types of agreements: property leases, commercial leases, leases for warehouses, offices and business premises and leases for pop-ups. Also, GSJ can assist clients with legal proceedings in the context of discussions "en cours de route". Most importantly, in this regard GSJ can be a trustworthy and loyal partner both for companies (commercial rental, offices, short-term “pop-up decree” leasing) and for private individuals (rental and leasing).

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