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Real estate, contract law and public procurement

Within our real estate, contract law and public procurement team, we pride ourselves on understanding the underlying processes that are involved when people purchase, rent, renovate and use land, houses, apartments and buildings, etc. As a result, much of our everyday work is taken up with helping people achieve their objectives as regards real estate.

The world of real estate often revolves around legal issues, problems, discussions and procedures. Solutions must be found in an increasingly strictly regulated legal framework. However, the rewards (financial or otherwise) can be quite substantial.

Our real estate, contract law and public procurement team works for companies, real estate professionals, private individuals and government agencies who are looking for sound specialised legal support to achieve success in their real estate activities.

The team has a very wide-ranging remit. First and foremost, it has wide experience in the handling of real estate negotiations and disputes:

    • support in the context of real estate transactions and all kinds of related negotiations and procedures: purchase-sale, lease, commercial lease, public-private partnerships, etc.,
    • creation of rights in rem: ownership and possession, easements, usufruct, leasehold, building, etc., and all kinds of related disputes and procedures,
    • drafting of agreements: sales agreements, reciprocal purchases/promises of sale, verification of notarial deeds, agreements with contractors and architects and the handling of the resulting discussions and procedures,
    • apartment law: comprehensive advice and procedure management,
    • discussions connected with contracting, subcontracting, contracting insurance, advice, procedures,
    • etc.

In addition, the team specialises in public procurement. We provide commercial enterprises and public authorities with comprehensive expert advice and assistance in securing and awarding government contracts and in the context of every possible problem that might occur in the implementation phase (claims, delays and fines, suspension of work, etc.). Also, where necessary the team can handle for you the appropriate award and dispute resolution procedures that can be involved in public procurement assignments and government contracts.

Whatever challenge you are facing, GSJ can offer tailored advice. We have the experience required to settle disputes, where necessary through tough negotiations, and teamwork guarantees a multidisciplinary approach to complex real estate issues.

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