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Christophe Lenders


After he finished his courses at the University of Antwerp and the Rand Afrikaanse Universiteit (University of Johannesburg), Christophe Lenders began his internship at Elegis and subsequently joined GSJ in 1998, where he has been a partner since 2002.

Christophe has acquired specialised knowledge and has a wide experience of real estate projects, including construction law in the broadest sense of the term, public procurement law and property law transactions. In addition, he is trained to offer expert advice on the architecture of legal constructs, assignment and contract management as well as on incidents that can occur in the course of the performance of contracts.

Needless to say, the real estate market is also characterised by its dependence on public procurement law and, more generally, a need for assistance in this regard. Christophe has the required knowledge and experience to assist the different market players in various other sectors, especially the medical sector.

GSJ advocaten has not limited itself to one or two market players. Indeed, we also work with service providers, contractors, suppliers and miscellaneous clients.

Christophe and the entire team offer their advice and support to the NAV (the Flemish Architects' Association) and to the ORI (the organisation responsible for consultancy and engineering firms in Belgium). In addition, they assist the Confederatie Bouw (Construction Federation) of the Province of Antwerp and the Bouwunie (Construction Union) by organising various specialised training courses on construction and public procurement law. Christophe is a much sought-after speaker and regularly publishes articles in professional journals.