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By definition, constructions of all kinds require close collaboration among all the parties involved: the principal, the main contractors, the subcontractors, the project developers and the architects and engineers. In this particular field, GSJ have worked with private individuals and professionals for many years. GSJ oversee the entire construction process from the initial contract drafting phase. At the same time, GSJ do not overlook the importance of the insurance aspect. In addition, thanks to their many years of practical experience with well-established insurance companies, in the construction sector GSJ have comprehensive knowledge of mandatory insurance (architect's and ten-year contractor liability insurance) and optional insurance policies (comprehensive worksite insurance).

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances and disputes are often unavoidable in the implementation phase. Disputes with regard to construction issues often need to be settled quickly, and particular attention has to be given to the actual situation on the construction site. GSJ can help identify the right strategy and, where necessary, initiate appropriate (interim) legal proceedings.

Defects that come to light after the completion of the construction work often give rise to disputes. GSJ provide assistance in the context of issues connected with (ten-year) liability, compensation, recovery of penalties for late fulfilment, etc.

GSJ also supervise the daily operation and management of construction companies, which can include the collection of invoices, the drafting of general terms and conditions, applications for recognition, etc.

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