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Dirk Erreygers


Dirk Erreygers (born on 18 July 1960) graduated in law from the Catholic University of Leuven in 1983. He began his internship as a lawyer at Goossens & Sebreghts, where in 1990 he became the third partner alongside Paul Goossens and Hugo Sebreghts.

Dirk is strongly committed to his home town of Kalmthout. He was elected as a municipal councillor in 1988. He immediately became first alderman. From April 1992 to January 2001, he held the office of mayor of Kalmthout. In 2001, he felt that his role as the mayor of the town was no longer compatible with his work as a practising lawyer. Dirk opted for the legal profession and remained a municipal councillor until the end of 2006. His political career, especially his decision to adopt a strongly policy-oriented approach, provided him with a wealth of useful knowledge and experience.

Within GSJ Dirk initially focused on real estate. He practices construction law and works in particular with liability issues in the construction sector. He is very much involved in the field of public procurement and PPPs. Also, he focuses on all the property-law aspects of real estate, such as co-ownership, leasehold rights, building rights and easements. He is the go-to person when it comes to notarial procedures, and given his background in municipal policy, he is very familiar with the administrative side of real estate (town & country planning, the environment, soil, etc.).

Dirk Erreygers is married and has 2 sons and 2 daughters, all of them grown-up.



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