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Bryce Deprez


Bryce Deprez started his law studies in 2014 at Kulak, the Kortrijk campus of KU Leuven. In 2017, he completed his undergraduate studies in Leuven and also started his master's degree in Law there, with a major in Private Law and a minor in Tax Law. He spent the first semester of his final year in Australia at The University of Sydney.

The interest and love for private law in the broad sense led him to pursue an additional course, namely a Master-after-Master in Notarial Law, which he successfully completed in 2020. It is there that his liking for all things real estate developed to its fullest, which eventually led him to join GSJ lawyers. 

In addition to his studies, Bryce gained experience in the legal profession and in notarial practice through various (summer) internships. In addition, he has dedicated himself each time to his fellow students and to his faculty as a student representative. In this capacity, he was a member of the faculty board, among others. Since September 2023, Bryce has also joined the Institute of Property Law at KU Leuven as a practice assistant. 

Today, Bryce focuses on everything related to real estate, ranging from contracting law, contract law and property law to everything related to notarial practice.



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