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Why not consider a career with GSJ? At GSJ, we encourage our lawyers to be just as enterprising and innovative as the people who hire us. Our clients expect intelligent, informed and timely guidance from legal experts who are intuitive, creative, pragmatic and disciplined professionals. Should we expect any less from our candidates?


With around 55 lawyers, GSJ advocaten is one of the biggest law firms in the Antwerp region. GSJ strives to combine the economies of scale one might expect of a large group with the atmosphere and all the advantages of a small firm.

GSJ advocaten specialises in 6 main disciplines:

  • Liability, Insurance and Criminal Law
  • Real Estate, Construction Law and Public Procurement
  • Administrative and Environmental Management Law
  • Social and Labour Law, Civil Service Law and Education Law
  • Company Law
  • Law of Persons and Family Law and Family Estate Law

In addition, GSJ advocaten works in a number of sub-specialities in which we have acquired considerable expertise. These include company law, distribution, intellectual property law, public procurement and PPPs. More generally, we encourage all our lawyers to develop their specialisation to the full.

GSJ's motto is "A problem shared is a problem halved". This philosophy naturally led GSJ to adopt an open structure that promotes teamwork in the form of the exchange of knowledge and experience. This ethos is probably what makes GSJ the ideal place to start building an exciting professional career.

Our most important clients are government agencies, companies and non-profit associations. We find that this particular clientele offers our lawyers an exciting challenge and motivates them to find real solutions. In this regard, the watchwords are initiative, accountability and teamwork. Interested? If this ethos appeals to you and you believe you could grow in this environment, we'd like to hear from with you.

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