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Social and labour law, civil service law and education law

Work plays a very important role in people's lives. The way work is carried out and remunerated is regulated at various levels. These regulations are the responsibility of our social law, labour law and civil service law team.

These are laws that involve many and varied systems and statutes. Employers and employees, blue-collar and white-collar workers, the self-employed and civil servants all receive their remuneration according to regulations that specifically apply to them.

Given the existence of all these statutes, this field has become very complex indeed. Moreover, in practice the distinction between the different categories is becoming increasingly hazy. Specialisation in a particular field quickly leads to a narrowing of the field of vision. For this reason, GSJ have opted for a multidisciplinary approach in which all the various strands of social law are optimally combined in one team. At the same time, thanks to this interaction this enables our lawyers to broaden and deepen their skills and knowledge.

Nonetheless, there's no work without training; there's no future without education. Not surprisingly, therefore, education is receiving more and more attention, including from a legal standpoint.

First and foremost, let's consider education from the standpoint of the pupil/student. Access to education, tests and examinations, course certificates, diplomas and degrees, disciplinary measures and appeal procedures are just a few examples.

However, the legal status of education personnel goes to the heart of the education issue. The legal status of school and college personnel varies according to the educational system to which the institution belongs and determines, among other things, access to posts, assessment, discipline and, above all, the possibility of appeal.

In all these situations, GSJ can act on behalf of all the parties concerned, irrespective of what side they are on: employee or employer, civil servant or government agency, self-employed operator or member of the professions, pupil, teacher or educational institution. Whatever your status, you can rely on GSJ’s extensive expertise to help you find a solution.

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