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Bart Goossens


After graduating from the University of Leuven (1986 with high honours) and from the University of Virginia School of Law (class of 1987), Bart Goossens joined GSJ as a trainee lawyer. He has been a partner since 1993 and has for several years been GSJ’s managing partner. During his internship, Bart also worked part-time at the law firm Dauginet & C°, which mainly handles tax matters.

Bart Goossens has specialised knowledge and extensive experience in the structuring (or restructuring) and management of temporary or long-term organisations and partnerships (companies, non-profit associations and legal entities under public law) during the period of their formation, within the context of financing and internal functioning and at the time of any (voluntary or forced) exit or sale (whether in the form of a sale of assets or of shares) or in the context of the dissolution (and liquidation) of the organisation or of the partnership. He also has considerable experience in resolving conflicts within or in connection with these organisations and partnerships through negotiations or before a court or an arbitration panel.

Mr Goossens has also acquired considerable knowledge and experience in the field of (national and international) distribution (exclusive or selective distribution, franchising, etc.), including but not limited to the automotive sector. He has handled many cases in this particular legal field. He also helps companies develop their distribution network, focusing mainly on ensuring that these networks comply with the European and national competition rules. In addition, he has acquired experience in cases concerning horizontal cartels and cases involving the abuse of a dominant position. Among other things, he was instrumental in the first decision of the Competition Council in which substantial administrative fines were imposed on companies for abuse of a dominant position.

Lastly, Bart provides expert advice and conducts proceedings in cases involving state aid and transport.



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