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Special criminal law

Criminal law can affect anyone at any time. If you come anywhere near criminal law, you can leave nothing to chance.

Criminal liability is an issue that has affected many legal entities in the past, and more and more businesses are having to take steps to prevent problems. In addition, practically every law that is passed comes with a series of criminal law penalties, and this is increasingly affecting the market. It's better to be safe than sorry, so you can assume that there is a real chance that sooner or later your company, your association (or its management, its directors and/or its employees) will face criminal law proceedings, either as a victim or as an (alleged) perpetrator.

For many years, our teams have been offering private clients, companies and government agencies advice and support in their efforts to reach a settlement in complex and often very emotionally challenging and time-consuming criminal-law proceedings, from the initial investigation up to and including proceedings before the Court of Cassation.

Over the years, in addition to ordinary criminal law GSJ advocaten has acquired particular expertise in the following areas:

    • fraud, abuse of trust (e.g. by bank agents and real estate brokers);
    • forgery of (authenticated) documents (e.g. by civil servants or notaries);
    • (private) corruption and lobbying (e.g. by government officials in the context of contractors’ activities);
    • criminal-law defence on behalf of building owners, clients, contractors and architects for (alleged) urban development offences;
    • criminal-law defence on behalf of companies and their managers in the event of accidents in the workplace resulting in personal injury or death;
    • criminal-law offences in the area of environmental law, welfare law, labour law, driving and rest period regulations, etc.;
    • breach of professional secrecy (e.g. in the medical sphere);
    • all kinds of possible offences relating to bankruptcy and companies in difficulty;
    • misappropriation of company assets;
    • (financial) fraud and money laundering;
    • offences connected with information technology;
    • insider dealing and market abuse;
    • etc.

We understand your needs. It's precisely because we are not a niche-oriented firm that we never lose sight of the bigger picture when it comes to criminal-law matters, so whatever the repercussions of the issue at hand, whether it be legal or extra-legal, it is your overall interest that we defend.

We believe in thinking globally and acting locally, so when necessary we work as a team with the other disciplines within GSJ, such as our teams of lawyers working in the field of company law, environmental management law, real estate law, labour law, etc. Many hands make light work, and experience shows that this interdisciplinary approach pays off because it gives us a clearer vision of things and produces better results in the context of criminal-law issues.

Thanks to our many years of experience with criminal litigation and our unique interdisciplinary approach to criminal-law cases, we are well placed to help you develop a proactive company policy that avoids criminal-law issues (risk analysis, criminal-law due diligence, criminal-law delegation arrangements, compliance programs for companies, their management and their employees).

Based on this unique approach, GSJ advocaten consistently endeavours (always in close consultation with clients) to achieve the best possible results in these very delicate situations.

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